Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sue Indian Cinema Producer and Director

-- An Open letter to the President of the International Rugby Board .
( A satire on unrealsitic scenes in Indian cinema ).

Indian Cinema has grieviously insulted and outraged the sensibilities of all Rugby players and fans . In a Tamil hit movie,the lead actor plays the role of a person of slightly above average height and physique . He is portrayed as singlehandedly tackling an entire Rugby team, sending the Rugby players flying one by one, causing them serious injuries, and emerging triumphant.
Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows that a Rugby player is 5 times as strong as an average adult . And he is much fasterthan the average man. And a master of zig-zag running . A Rugby player can scatter 10 guys like me , like 10-pins in a bowling alley. Ditto for , say , 6 ,well-built modern actors, or modern young men of slightly above average height and physique. Perhaps a Karate black belt might be able to take on a Rugby player or 2. But certainly not an entire Rugby team.
This is a gross insult to the glorious image of Rugby players. I request you , the President of the IRB, to mulct themalicious producer and director of the pathetic movie, in substantial damages.
A Sports Fan.